Our BNI Santa Rosa chapter absolutely great

Want to meet businesses today at BNI Santa Rosa CA?

Advertising is very expensive, and not always profitable. Anyone want to do cold-calling anymore? Would you not prefer referrals?

Our BNI Santa Rosa chapter always increases revenue, contacts for you

BNI Santa Rosa is the local chapters (groups) in Santa Rosa, CA. These groups are only a part of BNI's (Business Network International) huge global network of business professionals.

Our BNI Santa Rosa chapter is absolutely the greatest. We are known today as BNIT (Best Networkers in Town).

A member of BNIT since 2006 I received my all-time best job if you can imagine. It was painting the interior exterior of a super large 180+ room motel.

Awesome things we do at BNI Santa Rosa

You really do need our awesome BNI Santa Rosa chapter BNIT. To start, our BNI Santa Rosa chapter, BNIT meets 7:00 - 8:30 a.m. every Friday morning at:

Legends Restaurant
Bennett Valley Golf Course
3330 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

While eating our breakfast we each orally present our carefully prepared brief 30 second infomercial. Two present 10-minute speeches to promote their business.

As Visitor Host I greet visitors who want to see how BNI benefits them. I enjoy mentoring any of our new members. I do participate in membership activities. At times leader in our power group for those in building trades.

Please do join our BNI Santa Rosa

Are you curious how BNI would benefit your business? Please check out our group's website:

View my spot at our super BNI Santa Rosa BNIT website, Peter Belt of Pete's Paint 'N Paper.

Commit to our BNIT to see awesome rewards.