Meet Pete

Meet Pete Belt Santa Rosa CA

Super one on one interview with Pete Belt Santa Rosa CA.
Quality Santa Rosa painting company Pete's Paint 'N Paper.

Who's Pete Belt Santa Rosa CA painting contractor?

“The blonde-haired, blue-eyed guy next door, well maybe not so blonde anymore. I was born in Leiden, Holland. Came over on a ship when I was two, wearing knickers and wooden shoes. Our family of nine settled in Ogden, Utah.”

What made you start painting?

“In Brooklyn New York I volunteered for four years being trained as a scaffold painter. While part of a crew of about 20 we painted the interior and exterior of seven 5-12 story factory buildings. Within this two block area we renovated former Squibb buildings built during the civil war into factory warehouses and offices.”

Were you always a painter?

“Just about. I worked for different contractors, San Francisco's Painter's Union 4 being one of them. A general contractor hired me in 1981 to do his many paint jobs. He wanted me to apply for CA C-33-painting and decorating license. I studied very hard, passed, have been a licensed painting contractor ever since. In 1982 I started "Pete's Paint 'N Paper in Santa Rosa CA.

How satisfying can the painting occupation be today?

“It's good to see transformation of homes offices warehouses and so on. As a painting contractor you get lots of satisfaction seeing these improvements firsthand. Preparation is very hard work today. Yet when you finally apply the finish coat what an impression it makes on customers. They are so happy with you.”

Any interests, hobbies you are pursuing?

“I really like listening to Classic Rock. I try to walk daily. Occasionally I'll venture into hiking. To keep up with my hard work I try to watch what I eat. Also I enjoy playing computer golf for recreation. Always do volunteer work every weekend. It has greatly benefited my other volunteer work at BNI today.”

Would you briefly tell us about BNI please.

“A highly effective networking group I belong to, Business Network International. BNI Santa Rosa is the local chapters (groups) in Santa Rosa, CA. I belong to chapter BNIT (Best Networkers in Town) where I volunteer mentoring others.”

Anything else we need to know about Pete Belt of Santa Rosa CA owner of Pete's Paint 'N Paper?

See the rest of our website today. Our Gallery displays super work.”