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Here's FAQs you ask of our Santa Rosa painting company

Any charge for estimates?

We do not charge for any estimate whether in Santa Rosa painting, Windsor, Sebastopol, Healdsburg, Sonoma, Glen Ellen, Rohnert Park, Petaluma or any North Bay painting.

We go to the job location at your convenience. Review work needing to be done. We give you an estimate. Then write a proposal especially for you.

This may be time consuming for our Santa Rosa painting service but Pete will never charge you for an estimate.

Are your bids including any paint?

The bid usually includes everything.

We estimate how long the job will take, cost of paint, supplies, equipment, and miscellaneous items.

Estimating Santa Rosa painting in the North Bay takes years of experience we pass on to you.

Does square footage need to be considered?

Generally we used to charge $1.25 per foot. A 1500' home resulted in cost for you: $1,875. We do not bid by square footage now. Here are a few reasons why we do not.

Think about these various scenarios. We have the same footage for two houses:

  • Your totally awesome color fails to cover with one coat.
  • You want many colors.
  • What if there are wooden vs aluminum windows?
  • Is the landscaping hard to deal with?
  • Is shrubbery so close to the house making it hard to manipulate our ladders effectively?
  • Is the land too rough, uneven, perhaps on a hillside?
  • What about doing any prep? One house may be in super condition. The other worthy of lots of much attention.

There's lots to consider concerning estimating these days.

Pete's Paint 'N Paper, our Santa Rosa painting company in the North Bay, gives you honest estimates today.

How many bids is enough?

At least three bids.

The lowest is not always the best. And the highest is not always the best. For Santa Rosa painting or any North Bay painting to be done shoot for the middle.

Whom should I contact for a bid anyway?

Choose Sonoma County painting contractors. Please make sure they are:

  • Licensed through the CSLB (CA State License Board)
  • Insured for PL/PD (personal liability property damage)
  • Currently and properly bonded

And be sure to ask for references from any Santa Rosa painting service you plan on hiring.

Should you choose our Pete Belt over other Sonoma County painting contractors? He gives you honest estimates. Call or drop him an email today.

Why a cost difference between companies for jobs?

Generally Santa Rosa painting companies are usually similar on tackling job costs. Overhead costs do vary for labor, licensing, insurance, advertising, etc.

You need to consider how thorough will be their preparation. What quality of paint will be used?

What awesome quality do you expect today from Pete Belt Santa Rosa CA? He's first-rate among painting contractors Santa Rosa offers today.

How long before I receive a proposal from Pete?

Usually within a week. If needed, within a few days.

Before you receive a proposal from our Santa Rosa painting company, Pete's Paint 'N Paper:

  • Do we have all the facts?
  • Is time needed to determine the right product and its correct application
  • Do any repairs need to be taken care of first?
  • Is there to be coordination of other contractors such as carpet layers, plumbers, handymen, etc.?

Pete's Paint 'N Paper wants to get it right the first time.

Do paint brands differ in quality?

Usually you get what you pay for, do you not? What cost are you willing to pay?

A few large companies make the majority of paint. Each has paint grades differing in coverage durability and ease of use. There are many Santa Rosa painting suppliers as well as ones throughout Sonoma County and the North Bay.

We have stores that are nationwide including Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Sherwin Williams, one of the better paints, continues to be more costly. We have local stores Kelly-Moore and Dunne Edwards which are in several western states including California.

We use our local Santa Rosa painting supplier, Kelly-Moore. Awesome products at reasonable prices.

There are other sources such as Home Depot. We usually prefer to stick with professional paint store brands unless the customer absolutely prefers a specific brand.

Yes paint can be costly anymore. No need to worry. Awesome Santa Rosa painting companies like Pete's Paint 'N Paper passes his discount onto you.

Request an honest estimate today.

What type of sheen should I use on my house?

For exterior we tend to gravitate toward a low sheen. It looks absolutely great and weathers better than flat. This product is always available at local North Bay or Santa Rosa painting stores today.

If a house is in pretty bad shape with lots of flaws, flat is better. Spend a little more and use low sheen. It may add a couple years of life to any paint job.

Among experienced painting contractors Santa Rosa has Pete Belt ready to be of help to you today.

How long does an exterior paint job usually last today?

Depends on various factors. There is no hard fast rule we can go by.

You really need to think seriously about any North Bay painting upkeep. We have damp climate from fog and some pretty hot summers due to temperature changes over the past decade.

North Bay, Sonoma County, Santa Rosa painting considerations you might want to keep in mind:

  • Has my house really been exposed a lot to the rain and sun?
  • Are there any overhangs to protect my house from the elements?
  • Did you know wood requires painting more often than stucco?
  • Did you know deeper colors usually fade faster?

Pete's Paint 'N Paper offers awesome Santa Rosa painting services for you. Call or drop us an email.

Do I always need to prep?

You better believe it.

Great preparation really takes care of issues on any paint job. How can paint adhere to any surfaces without awesome preparation?

Santa Rosa painters always do essential surface prep. Choose our Santa Rosa painting company Pete's Paint 'N Paper today.

What prep does our Santa Rosa painting company do?

We do it all. Essential surface prep by Santa Rosa painters. Clean dirt and mold, sand, caulk, Spackle . . . you name it.

We do prep better than our competitors. Request an honest estimate from Pete's Paint 'N Paper, among the best of Santa Rosa painters.

Call or drop us an email.

When is it necessary to wash my house?

Some reason, "paint hides dirt so no need to do washing".

Actually it's not just dirt that's on houses anymore. Many pollutants are in the air. These days car exhaust is one such pollutant. As it rains many contaminates pour onto your house.

Houses should always be washed, not necessarily by pressure wash. Pressure washing will not get mold or mildew off nor will all contaminants be removed. If more than pressure washing is needed we usually wash with brushes and all-purpose cleaner.

Our awesome Santa Rosa painting company will do thorough surface cleaning for you.

When is there a need to pressure wash?

You need to pressure wash when the house is really dirty and flaky. Why waste your time doing thorough preparation on a dirty house? Plus you save time pressure washing flaky paint away.

Also pressure washing tends to be more effective on porous surfaces, such as stucco, rather than smooth surfaces.

When you need to pressure wash choose Pete's Paint 'N Paper your local Santa Rosa painting company.

Are there any guidelines I need to follow in choosing colors?

We all have our personal favorites that are really dear to us. Choosing colors will be a difficult obstacle.

What colors are in your roof and any landscaping? Have you noticed what any of your surroundings are like?

Follow these suggestions to get you started quickly:

  • Get in your car and drive around the area. Check out your neighborhood and see what colors they've used. See what you like.
  • Light colors usually make houses appear larger. Dark colors usually have the opposite effect.
  • Keep from mixing cool colors with warm colors.

Handy color charts and fan decks can be got at your local Santa Rosa painting supplier. We would be glad to bring these out to you. We can also put up paint samples for those hard to make choices.

Santa Rosa painters do quality services. Request an honest estimate today from Pete's Paint 'N Paper.

Do I apply primer first when choosing very light over very dark colors or vice versa?

No because primers usually are used for sealers and for bonding purposes.

Factory mixed colors usually cover very well. Coverage may be a problem when choosing a custom color. You can always do a small area to see how well it will cover.

Our Santa Rosa painting company Pete's Paint 'N Paper are specialists in understanding various painting products.

Why does a dark color fade and peel sooner?

Dark colors magnify the heat from the sun and become very hot. The paint expands and contracts more, so it tends to fade more.

Contact today Peter Belt, owner of Pete's Paint 'N Paper, your North Bay painting and local Santa Rosa painting contractor.

We have answers to your questions.